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What Are The Side Effects Of Steroids In Females?

The steroid use is normal or acceptable in a bodybuilding.

The social media makes easier to learn about steroids, how to purchase and use as well.

Normally, they are prescribing to the patients for a treatment of different medical conditions such as muscle wasting diseases, delayed puberty, osteoporosis, and many others.

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Later on, the steroids abuses were common among both male and females in order to improve the physical appearance and athletic abilities as well.

The example of Rich Piana and Kali muscle makes it easier to talk about the abusing or harmful effects of the anabolic steroids.

We have already read about blogs on steroids and men. Now it turns to discuss the steroid use in a women area.

Yes, Of course, Women also do steroids practice and they are effective for them.

Many women athletes and bodybuilders are actually taking help from the steroids in order to enhance their performance.

Different doping programs and bodybuilding federations are running to identify the cleaners Vs drug users.

Marion Jones admits to steroid use similarly there are many females who agreed to doping but, they are usually trying to hide this conversation by giving medical reasons.

Many women whose careers totally depend upon the steroids doping or low level usually avoid to discussing.

They get to benefit from the selling of sports and different nutrition products. It seems like natural fake natural and weird because there is a low lifting of weight and strength exercises.

Which Steroids Are More Common In Female’s Sports?

female bodybuilders in sportsNot, only sports and bodybuilding, many celebrities also do steroid use in order to get in well-defined shape.

After interviewing with thousands of females, the mostly used steroids are Anavar and Winstrol, and sometimes bronchodilator stimulant Clenbuterol.

There are many types of steroids for bulking as well but, the women prefer cutting steroids for the shredded physique.

The mode of action of cutting steroids is increasing the metabolic rate through thermogenic process.

The selection of supplements or a natural route can prevent you from harsh effects and provide a rapid result if you combined with a low-calorie based diet.

Stacking with performance-enhancing steroids can boost up the result.

Physical Effects To Identify Natural One Or Steroid Users

The bodybuilding drug federation does their work well but, there is also physical signs through which you can get some idea.

In short, the female tends to adopt more male features and reduces their feminist due to a testosterone hormone. You can say that “Virilization”

The intake of testosterone hormone results in the low estrogenic effects and high in the androgenic properties.

Usually, they have messed up their faces from prolonged abusing of anabolic steroids and hormones.

They are just making their condition more badly.

The permanent deepening of voice and enlargement of the clitoris are very common.

The most common side effects are the growth of facial or body hair, water retention or bloating, and sometimes loss of hair from the head.

Sometimes, the acne breakouts are depending on genetic.

Some of the women are trying to manage this by increasing the estrogenic-based diet.

1) The Menstrual Abnormalities

The testosterone is a hormone that is produced in both male and female’s body.

In the women, it is stored in ovaries and other tissues and somehow plays role in the reproductive system.

When women’s begin to steroid use, their bodies are more likely to suffer from the hormonal fluctuations that result in the low and heavy menstrual flow.

The other conditions are also experiencing such as erratic periods, premenstrual symptoms, and amenorrhea.

This leads to infertility because of impair ovaries function and hormone fluctuations in the body.

2) Androgenic Effects

The androgenic effects may occur when males are entering the puberty and develop secondary sexual characteristics.

Thus, women also experience the effects similar to the males such as deepening of the voice, increased growth of body and facial hair.

Due to the androgenic effects, size of breasts may also reduce that can be permanent or temporary.

The synthetic testosterone is responsible for developing the androgenic effects in the body or you can say that muscle-building effects.

3) Weaken Tendons

The steroid use can increase the muscle mass and strength as well but it actually weakens the tendon.

According to the survey, there are many tendon ruptures and tendinitis are experiencing in the current users.

The steroid users more commonly experience the changes in biomechanics and movements of limbs as well.

4) Emotional Effects

The prolonged use of anabolic steroids may potentially affect woman’s emotions such as the mood swings, depression, anxious, hostility, and irritability.

The anabolic steroids affect both men and women but women may experience more as compared to the male.

There is a greater risk of complications and psychological treatment requires as well.

The people who are highly dependent on steroids use usually result in high emotional problems during and after anabolic steroid use.

5) Cardiovascular diseases

The steroids may cause unhealthy cholesterol level that leads to cardiovascular complications.

It raises the level of bad cholesterol while reduces the level of good cholesterol.

Simultaneously, they increase risk of cardiovascular disease, thrombotic events, stroke, myocardial infarction, stroke, and thromboembolism.


side effects of steroids in womenTaking steroids during pregnancy may negatively affect fetal growth and development.

The endocrine system is badly affected and these substances can negatively effect on serum lipid parameters, glucose tolerance, and function of the liver.

Other effects are sudden gaining of weight or weight loss.

The overuse of needles can put you in a great risk to develop the infections such as HIV, hepatitis, AIDs, and puss or abscesses.

The most severe effects or long-term abuse of steroids is results in cancer, stroke, paranoia, and blood borne-diseases, tumors in the liver and kidneys, and jaundice.

The Final Verdict

In the sports, side effects are manageable and sometimes they are temporary.

Despite drugs, it is better to go through a natural track and prevent your life nasty side effects and sometimes life threatening.

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