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Female Bodybuilding [2020]: How Important Is It for Women?

It does not sound shocking or wondering that the consumption of steroids has become increasing day by day in the women circle.

Female Bodybuilding

The world of steroids connected with women is somehow a controversial topic but the popularity is increasing day by day because of seeing the good results.

Despite steroid consumptions in the medical field, use of these drugs has been seen in the fashion industries and the sports.

They are not just consumed by the hardcore female lifters, female celebrities for defining their shape, and it is also used by those women who have aimed to jack their performance of the game and have a desire to win the competition.

One of the main keys is that toning up become a major part of the era. The teenage girls prefer to select these steroids for getting thinner physique without doing any type of rigorous workout and following strict diet plans.

According to the researchers, 5-7 percentage is reported of steroid practice among middle-school girls and the high school girls.

Although, they are illegal to buy and require the prescription If someone using it for fitness goal rather than treatment for treatment of any kind of disease.

Somehow, these drugs are receiving from the hidden or illegal paths such as the black market and underground labs that are packed with many harmful risks to the health.

I have written this article to explain that what anabolic steroids actually do to a girl?

What do you think?

Do these steroids give only beneficial effect to a girl whether linked with nasty effects.

how steroids works for female bodybuilding

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The Misconceptions

Some of the misconceptions are associated with the steroid consumption by men and women. The half of the females are concern about the male look whenever they are thinking of steroids.

There are different factors are linked to a result by women and men from the type of steroids, dosages, and the duration of a steroid cycle.

There is nothing wrong when you are using a steroid for fittest body and elevated strength. All you need to be just select the female-friendly or mild steroids and avoid the steroids that have the androgenic rating.

Our motto is not to promote the steroid use and this blog is only valid for information and educational purposes.

So now, we can say that women may get the same fitness benefits as compared to the men if we are talking about the same fitness level, definition, and equity.

What Will Steroids Do To A Girl?

The steroids may do both good and bad things as well.

The intensity of steroids mode of action completely depends on the dosages of steroids and duration of continuation of a steroid cycle matter for delivering the short or long terms of steroids devastating effects.

• The Good Effects
• The Bad Effects

1) The Good Effects

One of the main things is that women do not need the heavy dosages to getting the result as compared to the men.

They can get benefit within a low dosage as compared to other guys.

The list of positive effects of steroids on women are:

• Increased muscle growth
• Preserve lean muscle mass while cutting
• Improved endurance level or performance
• A lean, defined and toned physique
• Enhance strength and stamina
• Enhances flexibility
• Improved nitrogen retention in the body
• The rapid recovery time period
• Improved fat burning process and support weight loss
• Reduced fatigue

If you get the proper advantage from the steroids so, make sure you are following the proper diet plan and the workout strategies.

You can say that the road of anabolic steroid may turn to the next level of a woman combined with more ease without causing any harm.

The Most Common Steroids For Women Are:

1. Anavar (Oxandrolone)
2. Winstrol (Stanozolol)
3. Clenbuterol

The ranges of steroids from bulking to cutting is very huge but, the most common and very popular steroids are mentioned above.

These three anabolic steroids are not harsh for women and do not disrupt hormones level significantly as compared to the other steroids.

How Do They Work?

Most of the females have desired to know about which types of anabolic steroids for the cutting goal and bulking goal as well.

1: Weight Loss

When your goal is for weight loss so, the most common steroids are Anavar And Clenbuterol.

The Clen is basically a stimulant, mild in the effects (female-friendly steroid), and the ideal for burning of the fat.

The low-calorie diet and the workout help you to lose weight but indirectly, they also decrease the amount of muscle mass, slower the metabolism, and increase lethargic state in the body.

Fortunately, it is not a good option for your health as well so, here is the option for you.

The Anavar And Clenbuterol are the ultimate for your goals.
Both of the anabolic steroids are work to improve the metabolism rate, preserve lean muscle mass, and kick up the fat burning process.

The speedy metabolism activates a thermogenic process in the body result in the burning of fat due to a raise in the body temperature and more sweating.

The Anavar is also a top choice for the women as it has a mild type of androgenic properties and lowest rate of tolerating by women.

Despite the weight loss, they are also used for enhancing the performance, improved strength, and recover the faster.

The athletes are looking for these drugs to get faster and stronger physique.
These drugs help in a building of muscle as well as help to shed many pounds.

You can also search for some of the popular steroids that are friendly as well.

2) The Bad Effects

If we highlight the negative effects of anabolic steroids, so it is crucial for girls to know about all of the side-effects prior to intake any type of steroid.

Which Types Of Anabolic Steroids Are Not Good For The Women?

• Testosterone
• Trenbolone
• Dianabol (methandrostenolone)
• Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

The above-mentioned steroids are not good for women because they have a high androgenic rating and may harsh for the women.

These types of steroids are remaining longer in the system as compared to the other steroids.

3. Imbalance In The Menstrual Cycle and Virilization Effects:

Steroids are synthetic hormone and mimic the effects of natural testosterone hormone that is present in low amount in the women body and stored in the ovaries.

When steroids are taken by the women so, there is a possibility of hormonal fluctuation into the system. There is a possibility of fluctuation all of the female hormone more specifically estrogen.

As a result, women experience irregularities in their menstrual cycle, light or heavy periods, abnormal menstrual flow, erratic and unusual premenstrual symptoms are often observed.

The absence of menstruation led to infertility. If you don’t want to affect your personal life and marriage life so, stay away from the steroids.

In women, some of the most specific types of steroid sign is deepening of voice, male pattern baldness, clitoral enlargement, and increased facial and body hair also called Virilization.

4. For Sports:

The steroid outcome is not only limited to the physical and health-related, but they also interferes the sports life.

You are just playing or messing your endocrine system of the body that may further detect by the health professional of the various drug federations.

According to the World Anti-Doping Agency, they have tested positive several female football and professional baseball player.

There is a risk of getting arrest and pay the fine.

5. Other Harmful Effects

According to Dr. Cynthia LaBella, the average individual thinks that the steroids are good for increasing muscle mass and providing strength but, they actually weaken the tendons. There are a lot of tendon ruptures and tendinitis are observed in the current users.

These steroids have a significant impact on the bad and good level of cholesterol. The increased level of bad cholesterol can damage the blood vessels and increase the risk of many coronary artery and cardiovascular disease.

The long-term effects are liver cancer, mood swings, and depression.
The adverse effects may irreversible if you stop using the steroids and most of the professional women are conducting the PCT after an end of a steroid cycle.


After reading the whole blog, I would like to inform you that women also have the benefit to get legal and friendly steroids that can provide good results without causing any type of side-effects.

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