Best Workouts for Female Bodybuilding

In this article, you are going to learn all of the best female bodybuilding workout and some essential tips.

best bodybuilding workouts for women
Female Bodybuilding Workout

The fitness always inspires other that begin from the look of weird machines, typical equipment, and never-ending instruments.

Sometimes, walking into the gym and seeing different types of heavyweights make you unapproachable and confuse you.

There is no any chance that different types of cardio machines may fail you.

That does not really matter, you need to silently watch the people for looking awesome workouts.

There are many types of guides and the books are available that can guide you about progress and help you to make wonder.

You may feel difficulty sometimes while sometimes you are not going to suffer from the little things.

How can females build muscle fast?

Females with masculine appearance are usually professional bodybuilders and they get it from many types of dedication and following particular life-style.

The beginners are usually do not know about how to approach and use these instruments in order to look sexy and fabulous.

BEAST in the Beauty – Cassandra Martin | Muscle Madness

There is a difference in gaining of muscle mass in both male and female due to testosterone level not because of the workout training.

Testosterone in the male is responsible for muscle growth and giving secondary sexual characteristics in a male.

You can easily bench press, squats, and dumbbells without conscious about the development of hair growth.

Building happiest and strong muscles with boosted confidence.

We are going to overcome the obstacles which you may suffer during your journey.

Best Female Bodybuilding Workout

Just kick start your workout with these type of exercises.

workouts for female muscle growth
Women bodybuilding workouts

1) Warm-Up:

Before starting any type of workout make sure, you are warm-up yourself that can activate the muscles, improved circulation of the blood nutrition, prepare central nervous for a workout to improved flow of blood and prevent the body from injuries.

The stretching is another second part after warming up that can also help you to improve the muscle fiber elasticity.

The great idea is to use foam rolling prior to beginning each type of workout.

The leg workouts are including roll the quads, IT band, Calves, and Piriformis and the upper body workouts are included shoulder, biceps, chest and, triceps area.

By improving more energy, you may feel the more endurance level to performing workouts.

Performing few reps with a combination of the light set of dumbbells and a bar can give you the effective workout.

2) The Weight Training:

The weight training is good for many women because it is a great way for transforming their body.

Training with weights is responsible for building up the muscle mass and allow burning of the fat.

The good proportion of muscle mass also helps your tummy to make in shape.

3) The Cardio Regimen:

Spending hours in the cardio machines may give you feminine physique and also improving the overall health.

The cardio is a main and essential key to improve the overall health, staying lean, and adding muscle mass.

One of the biggest mistake by people is to completely quit the cardio from a muscle building cycle.

This cycle can prevent you from the loss of hard-earned muscles.

4) Full Body Workouts:

You can perform the workout on home as you only need dumbbells.

Each exercise should consist of 45 seconds with 20, 25 or 35 seconds of the rest time period.

These types of workouts you can perform on home easily.

  • Chest to floor Burpees
  • Single arm snatch overhead reverse lunge
  • Sumo Squat
  • Push Ups
  • Total body roll up
  • Triceps kick
  • Plyo Squat Jack
  • Glute bridge

5) Upgrade Your Old Workout With These Upgraded Exercises:

For achieving the best result, you need to perform these exercises regularly staples with a good nutrition program.

These exercises are upgrade version of all your old workout and target each part of a woman’s body.

  • Mountain climber for Abs
  • Scaption and Shrug for shoulders
  • Single-arm dumbbell bench press for the chest
  • Single leg dumbbell (Hamstrings)
  • Band-assisted chin up for lats
  • Glutes for Hip raise
  • Offset dumbbell lunge for quadriceps
  • Plate pinch curl for forearms
  • Swiss-ball laying triceps extension for triceps
  • Split dance stance dumbbell curl for biceps
  • Single-leg donkey calf raise for calves
  • Swiss ball raise for the upper back
  • MCGill CURL UP for the lower back

6) The Advanced Strategies:

The female bodybuilders also practice the advanced strategies for speeding or maximize the results.

The advanced strategies are including in slow motion training, drop sets, opposing muscle group supersets, and reverse pyramid training.

  • The slow-motion training is conducting slowly together with a contraction of muscle that lasts for a repetition moves. This phenomena is good for producing stress on the muscle and stimulate better production of muscle.
  • The drop sets begin with a heavyweight and dropping of weight around 20 percent.
  • The training of opposing muscle group back to back means you are actually you are adding the more training to your workouts. This type of style is good for chest, arms, biceps, and triceps.
  • The reverse pyramid training is performed by lowering the repetition and increasing the weight per set. You can set the rep scheme according to your desire as 10-8-6-4 or whatever you want.


These all exercises can maximize the result of your speed, improved mobility, provide improved performance, burn up the fat, and conditioned your cardiovascular health.

Don’t forget the importance of rest between sets, reps and training.

Taking rest between the workouts can allow you to recover rapidly and improved level of Adenosine Triphosphate can increase the endurance level to perform more workout.


When you are over the machines so, read the directions properly and if you are performing these workouts at home so you need to follow the proper method.

women bodybuilding before and after
female bodybuilding results

After leaving the gym, concern for your meal. Workout definitely gives you an amazing result but, the average result depends upon your diet.

Track all of the essential calories, micro-nutrients, macronutrients, drink enough water, get plenty of protein and never forget to take vegetables and fruits.

Struggle on your fitness routine definitely give you progress. All you need is to just never quit progress that you make.

You can also see reviews on best steroids for women that actually work.

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